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Two Free Budgies

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Posted 17 November 2010 - 04:16 PM

Hey guys! :D

I don't frequent BB very often, but I do check in here every now and then. I am posting this in the hopes that some Aussie members can help some Budgies out!

A few months ago I took in some Budgies with the intention of fostering them. You can read their whole story on their Facebook page: Login | Facebook

Posted Image

These two were abandoned out the front of a wildlife hospital. Members on a few forums (including this one) donated money so that they could be taken to an avian vet. Enough money was raised to pay about 80% of their initial vet visit! The following tests and treatments were done for this visit:

- Scaly mite treatment
- Complete Blood Count
- Complete Body Function Test
- Gram Stain
- Physical

The results showed that they did not have any infections. However, it also showed that their livers were enlarged and the female's liver in particular was not looking good. I was told to convert them to a healthy diet immediately to try and stop fatty liver disease from developing.

It was really difficult as these two had obviously only been fed seeds in their previous home.

The female starting passing green urine and her liver had deteriorated more. The vet prescribed a liver supporting formula to be given twice a day. Luckily we were eventually successful with converting them both to a better diet.

Three months later they both went back to the vet to see how they were progressing. At this visit they had the following done:

- Complete Blood Count
- Complete Body Function Test
- PBFD Test

The PBFD tests were simply done so that I could make sure these guys were not going to pass on any nasty illness to their new home. They are not showing signs of PBFD, I am just completely paranoid when it comes to birdy health. :)

The PBFD tests came back negative.

The body function test showed that their livers had vastly improved! There seems to be no risk of fatty liver disease anymore as long as they stay on the pellets and fresh food diet. The female no longer needs to take the liver support formula.

The scaly mites have also cleared up.

So right now I have two sweet Budgies who are as healthy as they come! That's where you come in! ;) Would anyone like to give these two sweeties a home?

I've done all the hard work already! They are both converted to pellets (Vetafarm Maintenance Pellets) and will eat a variety of veggies including leafy greens, corn and carrot. It is very important that their access to seed is restricted. They have had serious liver problems and will need to have pellets as the base of their diet.

Some millet once in a while (very seldom) will not harm them. However, I have to stress again how important it is not to put them back on a seed diet (even if it does include veggies). Sprouted seeds are perfectly fine and very healthy. They can have as much of that as they want!

These two little Budgies will need to stay together. They are bonded to each other and I do not want to split them up. If you saw how cute they acted towards each other then you wouldn't want to split them up either. ;)

These two are NOT tame. They are scared of people and would do best in a home that understands this and who would be willing to either work with them patiently or allow them to be the feral little guys they want to be.

You will need to have access to an avian vet or vet that has a special interest in birds. My avian vet will phone your avian vet and give them the full details of their medical records. This way your avian vet will have everything they need should you ever have to take these guys in for a check-up.

I am more than willing to arrange transport for these two to anywhere in Australia. I am not asking for a rehoming fee or even a transportation fee. If I find the right home for them then I will be happy to absorb all the costs.

They are absolutely free to the right home, transportation and all. You will just need to arrange to pick them up at the airport on your side.

I would like to see a photo of the setup you will keep them in. I'm also going to have to ask that if you agree to take them in, that you sign a contract stating the Budgies will be returned to me should you ever find yourself in the position where you are unable to provide for them adequately. Once again I will arrange and pay for the transport, you will just need to let me know.

Here is your chance to adopt two Budgies that have been completely health checked by a qualified avian vet, been converted to a good diet and are stinkin' adorable! :D

Posted Image

Please PM me or reply to this thread if you are interested. If it helps any, I am located in the South of QLD.

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#2 Oh No iTz JusSeeMe

Oh No iTz JusSeeMe

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Posted 26 November 2010 - 10:51 PM

Sorry but I am in the US.If I was in Australia I would adopt them. I'm glad you took care of them and saved there lives!

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Posted 27 November 2010 - 05:53 PM

i have sent this person a private message, but heard nothing back :(

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