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aggressive male cockatiel!!

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#1 rheebee


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Posted 18 February 2011 - 10:22 AM

my best friend Zoe(cockatiel) 2yrs, seemed lonely so i thought id get her a friend. Id bought zoe from a breeder who was the epitomy of a "bird lady". Zoe was friendly from the moment i got her,clean bill of health, no hard work, instant mates:) Then i got Zac, i love him, but he is nastyyy! I bought him from a breeder who said he was hand reared, but i quickly learnt the difference between being hand reared and hand tamed. It is a massive difference, when he bit; he'd make you bleed and fly to high points of the house (read its a sign of dominance and authority) and just wasnt having a bar of it. So i read and got some facts and found out sme of there behavour and now he is great (didnt clip his wings, was abused on a site for even suggesting it) and he steps up on command and doesnt bite but is still nothing like Zoe. 4ward a year and they have had 2 chicks (messy and chook) out of 4 in the clutch, the other 2 died:( every clutch of eggs since then has been pecked at and killed; by Zac im sure. Its breaking my heart. The other thing is Zac has been plucking at Zoe she is pretty much bald from the base of her crest to the top of her wing. I separated him from her last night and they are both constantly calling to each other (im sure they r). PLease help, im not sure what to do:(
p.s i didnt come here for judgement just good ol fashoined advice. ty:)

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Posted 19 February 2011 - 03:32 AM

Flying up and away from you is not a sign of dominance and authority. It simply means the bird either wants nothing to do with you or simply isn't interested at the moment. Read the following link.
RP - Biting

You can keep the cages next to each-other so that Zac and Zoe can see each-other, but that they can't have physical contact. Although I am pro-flight, I feel as if clipping vs flight should be a personal choice, after the owner has read the pros and cons of each side. A clipped bird can still take off and escape. A clipped bird has very little choice in whether or not they want to interact with you, where-as a flighted bird *has* that choice. Exercise via flight is also very beneficial to parrots.

Although you should have probably separated them long ago, when the plucking first began, it's a start. You can try allowing them out together, supervised, however if Zac isn't a nice boy, then they will need separate out of cage times.

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