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does anyone have a macaw that does this

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Posted 31 December 2011 - 09:10 AM

wow congratulations on her plucking issues. I hope that it stays in the right direction for you. plucking is one of the hardest to correct. some never can be corrected. so big pat on the back. I way agree on the nails though. Might want to have some one else do it for you till she settles in with you. That way you won't be the "big meanie" that did it. It will buy valuable bonding time. Which does not seem like an issue with you both but just a thought. enjoy your feathered friend.

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Posted 23 January 2012 - 07:54 PM

My GW, named Mardy, does this as a means of steadying herself. Mardy likes to move one foot up to massage her head (I'm not kidding) and when she's standing on only the other foot she often times uses her beak to steady herself. When I try to pull back my finger (like you I sometimes worry about the strength of her jaws) Mardy gently increases the pressure to discourage me from removing my finger from her beak. I find that if I move my finger down instead of back, or if I make a sudden move or sound which surprises her, that Mardy releases my finger. This allows me to remove my finger without showing her that I have a trust issue with her.
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Posted 24 January 2012 - 06:47 AM

Thanks for the input. Every day is a learning day when you have birds. Pj and I have come a long way from that first post. I knew nothing about her or her history,not even her age, when I got her. Being a rescue bird her history was unknown. Plus, I had zero macaw experience. But she is a total sweetheart. She still loves to be with me, but the finger holding has lessened. Mostly she does it if she's trying to regurgitate for me. Its interesting that pj does something similar to your mardy though. Sometimes when I pet her head she will put her wing over her head and pet herself along with me using one foot. Its actually really cute. I've also seen her use a broken wing feather to scratch her head. (She's a plucker, I have photos showing the broken wing feathers). She's amazingly smart. I've had a hard time getting her to play with toys or even use any perch but her main one acroos the length of the cage. She will rip up a phone book I place between her door bars and recently started to tear up a paper roll toy I made for her. But she won't touchany other toys or climb on the rope perch I installed in her cage. I also thought I had her plucking under control, but sadly that's not so. I found a good amount of blood in her cage around a week ago, but could find no wound. I'm 99% sure she's plucking blood feathers again, but I'm not seeing any actual blood feathers in the bottom of her cahe. Someone told me they may eat them, but the bottom line is I'm not seeing the plucked blood feathers inher cage. She's also biting some feathers in half. These things happen on the 3 days a week that I have to work. Otherwise she is doing excellent. She's grown in chest feathers but they're bitten up some. In general she my baby girl and were doing excellent though. Thank'Cheri

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