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Budgie Cohabitation

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#1 chickadee


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Posted 16 September 2004 - 04:52 AM

Hi, I'm chickadee and have just joined BirdBoard. Good to be among the learned.

I have just bought two male budgies. They are caged together in a large cage, and I am thinking of getting either a parakeet or a cockatiel and putting them together with the budgies. As I am a very new birdlover, I would love your advice please and should I have any probs. with this kind of cohabitation? I need much knowledge on this subject. Can you help me please.

My two male budgies get on real well together :lol:

#2 LMPego



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Posted 16 September 2004 - 03:57 PM

Are you absolutely sure they're both male? Otherwise you'll have babies soon.
I had a "male" lovebird for a year that then started laying eggs!

I would not put another bird in the cage with your budgies, especially not a bird of a different species. It's okay to add another bird in a separate cage near the first cage so they can see each other and "talk", just make sure to quarantine any new feathered members of the family!
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#3 Monica


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Posted 01 October 2004 - 12:25 AM

What kind of parakeet??? Something like a bourke, or turquoisine????

Budgies can live happily with cockatiels, grass keets, and maybe some of the other smaller birds (but NOT lovebirds, canaries, or even finches. softbills should not be mixed with hookbills).

If the cage is quite large and able to hold 2-3 cockatiels comfortably, then you may add one or two smaller birds, after quarantine, though the new bird(s) MUST have its own cage to go to, if so say the budgies do not accept the new bird and may bully the new bird too much. It's best too, if you try to stay with birds of similar sizes, or to say with birds smaller than cockatiels.

I keep 2 male budgies with 3 female bourkes, and 1 male bourke. The budgies may push the bourkes out of the way or sometimes push them away from food, but they have more than one feeding station. Besides, the 3 males have something going on between themselves!!! They usually ignore the females........ :roll:

My cockatiel though, she lives with Noel, my cherry head conure, uncaged though, and well, I can't separate them!
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#4 kathy5


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Posted 23 October 2004 - 11:04 PM

I have been told that budgies need to be in there own cage & that they can kill a cockatiel so be very carefull
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