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Conflicting Info on Parrotlets

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#1 Bird Mom

Bird Mom

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Posted 18 May 2005 - 08:01 PM

I have been researching the parrotlet sites toward the possibility of adding a parrotlet to my home. I have met one parrotlet, and he was a little charmer. Some say they can be nippy little birds, others that they are loving. I tend to believe the latter. The one thing that does concern me is a statement I read saying that they need to be out of drafts (which is logical) and cannot stand temperature swings (again logical). My question is: Would a parrotlet be okay near an open window on nice summer days? My apartment is oriented east to west. We are on a level 1/2 up with "garden level" apartments below us. Those windows are at street level. Our east windows look out into the trees next to the street which gives them shade in the summer. Our canary cage is placed near the east window in the summer because the air conditioner is in the east wall. the louvers are angled away from him towards the dining/kitchen area, and we check closely and he gets no draft from the cooler, which is always set on low. he loves being near the window and on nice days with no hard wind, we open a window a few feet away. He did perfectly fine there last summer and expect him to do the same this summer. Also, our apartment is very well heated and insulated, and in the winter, the temperature stays the same no matter how cold it is outside. Since my canary is thriving in this environment, would a parrotlet also be okay? As far as temperament goes, we had two cocktiels that were loving little friends, the canary is a loving little bird who loves to sit on our hands inside his cage and responds to us the way I never thought a canary would. Most of what I read about parrotlets says one would be ideal for me when I must face life without my husband, which is coming. Give me your thoughts, please, on adding a parrotlet to my life.

Bird Mom

#2 danforth3


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Posted 18 May 2005 - 09:48 PM

Because of their size parrotlets cannot stand abrupt temperature changes. I would advise against having him near an open window in the summertime or near the HVAC vents or any source of breeze, such as a fan.

My experience with parrotlets is that they are nippy (probably due to their diminutive size); however, if you find a sweety, they are great birds. Make sure it is hand-fed and only recently weaned. They can quickly lose tameness is not handled daily.

#3 Monica


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Posted 18 May 2005 - 09:57 PM

First off, I must agree with my vet on one thing that we had somewhat discussed. Birds do fine in drafts! If they didn't, I'm sure they wouldn't be living outside to begin with! I take two of my birds out when the weather is fine, and the other 4 when I feel like catching them to put into cages. Outside, there are drafts, wind, etc. They have so far done fine. I occasionally leave one of my windows open during the day (and sometimes at night as well though not much until later in the summer). I don't have any cages or birds near the window though drafts do form in my room. If however the it is cool inside and a draft from outside comes in that is very hot, I can see how that is bothersome. If its warm inside and a very cold draft comes in, yet again I can see how that might bother a bird, though drafts that vary little in temperature are fine, as long as it's not a constant draft that could bother the bird. Temperature swings, such as sudden temperature changes, yes, understandable as many people cannot stand though unless they were too hot or too cold to begin with.

Second, as far as parrotlets go, when young or untrained tend to be nippy or bity. As they learn not to bite, they can be very loving creatures. Smaller birds tend to be more nippy than the larger birds (as a smaller dog tends to yap more than a larger dog). Try to find a breeder who will handraise a baby for you.

Otherwise, it sounds great and if you are really interested in a parrotlet, I'd say go for it!
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#4 Roto4


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Posted 19 May 2005 - 11:29 PM

What is a Parrotlet?? don't mean to be stupid but I have no idea ? And if you can send a picture and describe I'd be thrilled I have a mini Han's who I adore and a cocktiel who is a love. Really would like to know all kinds...And what makes them different........Reba the Roto4
[Reba the Roto4 :icon_smil

#5 Monica


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Posted 19 May 2005 - 11:59 PM

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This is an image of a lovebird and a parrotlet. The lovebird is on the right (and looks to be a masked lovebird, if not a hybrid) and the parrotlet is the green bird next to the lovebird.

Here is a rather large photo of a blue budgie and a parrotlet...
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Simply put, just imagin an amazon in a petite body, and that's just about what a parrotlet is! They are the smallest parrots kept in captivity, are usually VERY hyper and usually love to play, if not cuddle.
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#6 Rue


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Posted 20 May 2005 - 03:41 AM

...there is a difference between being out in obviously moving air and being caught in a draft (a directed air flow)...

...a wild bird can move out of any wind it finds unpleasant...a caged bird placed in the way of a draft cannot...eventually the draft may take it's toll on the bird...

...just use some common sense when moving the bird outside or in front of windows...if it's uncomfortable for you, it's likely uncomfortable for the bird...if you're enjoying the breeze for a while, likely your bird will too...:-D
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