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New addition .... hatched 10 days ago !

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Posted 28 September 2010 - 10:21 PM

We are very excited our green naped lorys , had one bad batch a while back and laid 4 months later and we now have a chick .
This is our first time with a chick so are very excited .
Just a few concerns and will play it by ear and hopefully everything will be fine .
The parented came from bad conditions with wrong food and bad plucking and dont think they ever had a bath b4 us .
But in the year we have had them , feathers are just starting to grow back , poop is now what it should be .
They have taken a liking to me and will take food from my hands ...I am hoping they get more comfortable as their nails were so overgrown when we got them it just looks sad .. as well as their beaks ... after the chick is older i will take them to the vets to trim the beak back ( I dont like this but they are way overgrown )
I was hoping with the proper perches they would file themselves , but it hasnt happened .
The chick is not for sale and is going to family member when it is about 6 months old or more .
We would like to keep more lorys in the future , but now is not the time .

this is 5 days old .... and the parents were comfortable with me , so everything went fine .
YouTube - 0925000230

We are feeding the parents liquid only about 6 times or more a day .
I have found they seem to prefer the Quiko brand over the zupreem nectar ... I still provide the dry with the zupreem powder sprinkled they dont eat that now ... I did put some fruit but shockingly they did not touch it ... so I dont offer fruit but every few days and they are not eating it .
So I am guessing they are choosing what is best for the chick .
If someone with more experience would like to chime in , thanks .
I am very concerned it is 10 days old now , and I know for fact that this pair was housed as breeders only , and that the chicks were taken at 2 weeks old from them .
and dont know how they will react when I dont remove the chick , and will keep a watchful eye and have everything at hand as a just in case .
We are naming her Kitty ....

#2 Blossom112


    My Bird(s) Own Me!

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 05:55 AM

13 days old .

YouTube - 0930002059

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Posted 09 November 2010 - 09:28 PM

Well it has been 7 weeks almost 8 weeks .
We have a bird !
I must say , hand feeding in the begining was very very hard , feeding every 2 hours and no sleep , but once I was on a schedule it was a bit easier .
The chick is now starting to explore food left in the cage and it is funny watching it play .
Unfortunately we are not sure if we can keep this chick , although we would like to , but we have many birds already .

YouTube - Rainbow Lory , 7 weeks ?

YouTube - Rainbow Lory ,cant wait for food !

after over 10 years of keeping lorys this is Our first hand fed chick !

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