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Please Check my Budgies if its a " English" or "American" and its beak...

04 January 2012 - 03:45 PM

Is my Budgies is American or English? If its English, I would like to buy a American budgies, because here in my Country American Budgies is more cheaper than English budgies. Im planning to buy Female American budgies to pair with my current Budgies, theirs 3 men told me all my current budgies is male and only 1 female.. I want to ask if my idea is Good?.. If can they produce egg each partner..

And I also want to ask if what happen with my some of my budgies face. Before there where all good looking, but I dont know what whas happen to them. I want to ask if its couse of fighting each other or what.. I want to also know if it can passible healed? and what should I do..

Thanks.. Please reply I really need help.