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In Topic: reputable mini mac breeders

08 December 2011 - 02:32 AM

I got my Noble macaw from Parrot Pleasures based in Florida, they also have Hahns macaws, I highly reccomend them if you decide to go with a Noble then there is a waiting list there, they are rarer and more expensive, I prefer thier personalities over a Hahns macaw. Just Google Parrot Pleasures and you should be able to locate them.

In Topic: Go.........Fly With The Angels Howie

11 September 2011 - 01:04 AM

i am so sorry to hear your lost, it must be really hard for you, please take care...
howie must have been flying free and away from his illness now...

btw, if you dont mind me asking
what is the early symptoms of the illness and how old howie was when you know that he wasnt doing well?

what happen is
i just acquire a green wing macaw. the age is about 1 year old. it was an imported bird and many of the expert here believe that it was a wild caught bird.
they also warn me of PDD desease that commonly host by wild macaw and they are warning me that my macaw might have the illness too.
i read quiet a fair bit about the illness, but really appriciate if i could hear from some one personal encounter...

i tried not to bother about the illness as i read that the illness is almost impossible to be diagnosed and cant be cured...its like there is nothing i can do about it...
but i cant help it but to worry for my baby condition....

btw, he is doing well, eating perfectly and responding superbly fine to all his training programme...

Sorry I havent answered this quickly, the only advice I can give you is to basically seriously watch his weight, as I have read in you other posts I noticed that your GW is gaining weight, which to me is a perfect indicator that he is just fine. Watch his poops and make sure they are normal and that there is no undigested food in them(that is an indicator that something is wrong), the poops shouldn't be runny although with Hannah my B&G sometimes has runny poops after she drinks, thats normal. Normal poops are usually green and white but Howies poops looked normal till the day he died.
Howie also did the "ack ack" a lot more and more as he got worse, that is why I was getting a little concerned while I was reading your posts and how you said he was making the same noises.
What it all boils down to is making sure he is putting on his weight and eating like a horse like you say he is, other than that he should be ok, I would really hate to see you lose that bird, after Howie died it was devastating for us, it is amazing how we got so attached to him in the short amount of time that we knew him.

In Topic: Go.........Fly With The Angels Howie

20 August 2011 - 12:10 PM

Well thanks, we still extremely miss Howie, even though I am keeping an eye open for another Greenwing my wife says none will be like Howie. I told her that is so true but at least her and I got to experience the personality of a Greenwing and I would love to have that in our lives again.
My wife loved Howie so much she is going to have a tattoo of him done soon.
If you or anyone sees a Greenwing rehome come available please let me know(preferably in the Georgia area.

In Topic: I need help from experienced macaw owners please!

13 August 2011 - 01:54 AM

I have a B&G Hannah and she is all about attention getting. I have also learned that a good way to keep her quiet is have lots of toys and goodies to keep her entertained. When she is entertained she usually stays quiet, but don't get me wrong, she can squawk so loud it will rattle your fillings out of your teeth. She constantly requires attention, she mooches everything you are eating, she pines for me when I am gone, she is expensive to feed. What I am trying to tell you is that these intelligent creatures require a lot from their parronts, and if you are not ready to make that commitment then you need to wait and do some serious research before you jump in and get one. These animals are life changing and will take a lot patience from their owners and understanding. Ya they do get loud, but you gotta understand that they are birds and that is how they are in the wild, we hold them captive, why should we expect them to change their instinctive ways to accommodate our lifestyles.
I believe also that these are birds and as such they are designed to fly so all my birds are flighted and are fully capable of flight, that means that I have to also change my house and surroundings to accommodate them and their natural abilities. You cannot get complacent with these over intelligent creatures.
Ya wait a few years until you know that you will be settled in your life solidly, you have GOT to be prepared for the beauties. Hannah is a lot of work for me but I have dedicated my life to taking care of her no matter what she destroys, how loud she gets, or how expensive she may be, but............she is worth every bit of it all. I I walk into the house and I can already hear her screaming from several hundred yards out for me, when I open the door she greets me with a "Hi" and/or "Hello" and wants out of her cage right away. When I have treats out she will fly over to me and land on my shoulder wanting a piece of the goody. She will cuddle up to me and show others that I am her significant other by poofing up an lunging and bluffing other family members(although the family members know that she is just bluffing)
This bird is my everything second to my wife and child, but it is constant hard work, the reward is worth it though.

In Topic: greenwing macaw personality?

22 June 2011 - 11:20 PM

Everything said so far is so very true, Hannah our B&G is a clown but can be cuddly when she wants, Howie (God rest his soul) was very affectionate and was a lot quieter than Hannah, I will definitely be looking for another Green Wing for a future bird, it wont replace Howie but it will help fill in the Green Wing void that we all miss around here.
Even though they say different things about different macaws it still boils down to how they are raised.