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Baby Trouble

08 February 2011 - 04:03 AM

Two of my beautiful chocolate brown society finches had a clutch of eggs which I got two babies out of. They are good looking babies, Mocha and Latte. Yesterday, I heard the tale-tale throaty sound of one of the babies trying to sing his male song. I didn't catch which one it was until today. Latte was second to hatch, but so far the first one to sing. I knew he was male and decided to put him in the bachelor pad with the other guys. They had been very welcoming to little "Finch", the baby my husband named. They took care of him and he is now part of their crew. When I put Latte in with the three of them, they started to beat up on him, so I immediately stopped it and put Latte back in with his mother and the other girls for now.

The only problem is, Latte isn't flying so well. He's been looking real rough for days, but he is loosing his baby feathers and getting his big boy feathers in. Now, he ate a bit but put himself on the bottom of the cage and is simply laying there. I've raised finches for a long time, so I am left feeling a bit like a big idiot. He was fine before I moved him. I know shock can really affect birds as well, but this much? He was totally fine when I moved him, Mocha and their mother Cocoa into the girl cage when he was little.

Perhaps I am just afraid I have hurt him. I did examine him and nothing seems to be wrong. Any advice? He is so pretty and I don't want to loose him.


Information on good Gouldian finch breeders

21 August 2010 - 02:56 AM

My husband and I were thinking about getting a pair of gouldian finches. We aren't interested in many of the mutations.....we know that the naturally occurring variety is on the list of birds that are in trouble environmentally. We would like to get a pair and then either get involved with a rescue that is trying to help the wild population or breed some nice chicks to sell to reputable people/breeders. I searched through about six pages of topics and looked under the breeder catogory but didn't find much. I also asked the website to search the topic for me but it kept giving me things that weren't related.

I may have found a nice sight online that has some pretty decent gouldians, but I thought I would ask here first. I live out in AL right now. Anyway, what do you guys think?


What's eating Little Beluga?

03 June 2010 - 04:36 AM


Hi everyone. My name is Kristin and I bought myself a peach faced lovebird last decemeber (09) because I wanted a bird that I could hold. I raise finches and there are a few I can have hop on my finger and head, but as you know lovebirds are so smart and playful. I wanted something different for a change. His (we are assuming he is a he) name is LB (Little Beluga because baby beluga by raffi is his favorite song I sing to him).

Problem: LB will not let us handle him.

I bought LB from a bird store that only sells exotic birds. A friend of mine buys all his big birds there and has had wonderful success with them. He also knows the owner. They made me an excellent deal on LB. I told them I wanted a bird that was hand raised (having done all my research homework before I went to buy). They told me he hadn't been handled for a couple of months but was handfed. The store clerk even took him out of the cage in his hand. LB didn't bite him hard but nibbled and then stopped. He looked scared but the guy said he was able to be tamed again easily.

We have been working tirelessly with LB for 6 months now. We have him going up to the cage to meet us instead of running away. Sometimes he will nibble our hair if we put out faces up to the cage. We sing and talk to him and he chirps back to us. He loves millet, so we tempt him with millet sprays in our hands. He will eat from them only if it is not close to our fingers. We have even gone so far as to immitate some of his moves (which he seems to like or at least responds excitedly to).

I have gotten a great book and poured or rather scoured the internet for information about taming love birds. We have tried food, toys, bells, a neutral place. None of it has worked. I read through at least 30 articles on this forum about lovebird taming and behavoir and find myself absolutely frustrated. I have gained a lot of good information, but LB isn't really like any of the other birds described or we had already tried the suggestions.

At this time I am wondering how tame LB really is. We are not sure how old he is or where he came from. The store I got him from just wasn't sure. Perhaps I shouldn't have gotten him, but they reassured me so much that he was hand tamed. I have read until my eyes fell out so, please help me. I am also thinking of going to the Atlanta bird convention to learn more. Who knows, maybe my husband will buy a tamer lovebird and we can use it to convince LB we are not evil.


P.S. I am so sorry if all of you are tired of reading about this subject. I did pour through tons of info in this forum looking for answers, I promise.