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Panting 8 yr old U2

24 March 2011 - 09:27 PM

I adopted an 8 yr old female U2. Previous owner says she's never been a screamer or plucker. So far that seems to be true.
I'm concerned about the panting, she doesn't do it all the time but previous owner says she has done that for years and it just means she's happy or excited. I heard it could be a sexual thing called Cockatoo ecstasy. She's 8 yrs old shouldnt that have passed already? She also will go straight to the corner of the couch and bury her head in the corner and start panting. Any thoughts on what all this could be?


Advice needed with my 6 mo TAG

14 December 2010 - 01:24 AM

I've had Jasper for a month now. Little rocky starting out but preety sweet baby for the most part.
He loves to come out of the cage and I sit next to him and rub his head etc... I've been practicing step up with no success. He wants to come to me so badly. he tries to get as close to me as possible without falling off the cage. He will act like he's going to fly off to see me, which he's done once and than I picked him up and got bit really hard. He will not let me take him from his cage but acts like he really wants me to and then I try and then he bites me. HARD!!! I've not pulled away and I dont yell at him. I recently was told to practice step up away from the cage but if I can't get him off of it what should I do?
He gets very panicked away from his cage. I've tried toweling him when we first got him I was told to try it and he did ok. once he calmed down he was very sweet and would walk around the couch, but now if he sees a towel he freaks out and i dont want to make things worse so I have not done that after the first 2 weeks we got him. I was afraid i would lose what trust I was starting to get from him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. And now I need to brag a bit..he's already saying"hello", pretty bird, love you and makes kissy sounds!

Bacterial infection

27 November 2010 - 05:13 AM

Took my new baby (5 mo old TAG, no name yet) to the vet today. She thinks he has a bacterial infection, gave antibiotics to take and should get results Monday. Is it ok to give antibiotics even if she's not sure that's what it is yet? I have just fell so head over heels for this baby, I love him so much already and will just go crazy if anything happens to him. We already had an appointment but just so happened I noticed today, he just was acting different.. fluffing more then usual and for longer periods at a time, runny poop, just did not seem right. She also said it could be weather related. I live in Tx and yesterday it was 83 and today the high was 50. I did not think that would cause a problem and so fast for that matter. Anyone have a bird who's gone through this? I would appreciate some feedback! Thanks

New 5 mo old TAG..HELP!!

21 November 2010 - 03:53 PM

I was on here a few days ago re-introducing myself and was telling how excited I was to be getting my new TAG.
Well it's only been 24hrs since I brought him/her home and so far it's not been good. First I want to say I know it's going to take time, and I know it's only been 1 day...but with that said..This baby will not stop biting!!! My hands hurt, my kids are scared to death and they are not little biddy kids (11& 8). He's not not just barely biting he's biting hard and wont let go! This bird does not know how to step up, the breeder said it did. And the bites are so powerful no one wants to try anymore..except me and my hand is so sore and bruised. We could pet it's head in the beginning but now we can't even do that. He took to the new cage and toys with no problems , will let me hand it food, makes sweet little noise when I talk to it..but that's it! I know im probably panicking for nothing, but any tips you can give would be great! I've been around my fair share of greys and never have been bitten this hard before. I don't even attempt to get him out of his cage or all hell is going to break loose! Should I just wait a few more days? and just keep talkin to him without trying to get him out? Some advice please!!!!


Hello Again!

19 November 2010 - 04:28 AM

I joined back in September and asked for some advice on what type of bird I should get.
I did not get much of a response but that's ok. I'm getting my 5 month old TAG Saturday and im so excited.
So just wanted to say "hi" again and I will be back on here soon to share photos and and talk about my new baby.